30 Minutes α $50 (Focus Area)

60 Minutes α $80

90 Minutes α $120

Housecall – add $30 Travel Surcharge within 25 miles ( 1 Hour Minimum Required)

Thaivedic inspired massage

Thaivedic is a healing system which encourages integration and continual evolution. While Thaivedic bodywork is relatively new, it is based both modern bodywork and on the most ancient systems of healing available including Ayurveda, Thai Massage and Chinese Medicine. Using Ayurveda as the governing system, the Thaivedic system bridges multiple modalities. The types of bodywork one can receive is as varied and unique individuals who need it. With advanced holistic diagnosis and a 5 Element System Thaivedic indicates when and on whom each modality should be applied even in the most specialized modern practice. This decreases the chances of injury or malpractice, promotes the flourishing of specialized healing modalities while recognizing the importance of balance, time and individuality.

Thaivedic bodywork is the powerful combination of Ayurvedic diagnosis and lifestyle therapies, married with the meditative, sensitive and sustainable approach of Thai Massage.

Lomilomi, which means to knead or rub in a gentle manner is an ancient Hawaiian restorative healing system. Lomi Lomi massage originated in ancient Polynesia. When Polynesian settlers first came to Hawaii, Lomi Lomi came with them. The Native Hawaiian spiritual practitioners, or kahunas, continued to use Lomi Lomi as a means of restoration and healing, in concert with other herbal and ritual medicinal techniques.

Lomi Lomi massage is an integrative massage practice that uses long seamless strokes that glide from one part of the body to another. The rhythmic, repetitive movements are meant to soothe the mind while easing tension in the muscles.

The theory behind Lomi Lomi is similar to the concept of qi found in Traditional Chinese Medicine – connecting the mind and body to maximize healing potential. Lomi Lomi massage can treat a wide variety of conditions, but most often is used to create a healing environment within the body by relaxing the client, rather than targeting a specific physical problem.


The healing benefits of Lomi Lomi massage are many, including improved circulation for detoxifying the body, stimulation of the lymphatic system, release of muscle tension, and a deep sense of relaxation.